Spotted cat-1

I have been to dog shows, but I had never been to a cat show before. So I was looking forward to the cat show that was sponsored by Illini Cat Club that was held in Urbana, IL on March 4th, 2017. I had a great time seeing all the different cats even though I could not identify all their breeds.

The cats are kept in their display cages from the mid morning to 4:00 PM in the afternoon, and in those cages are water, food, and a small litter tray. Some of the display cages were wire crates, but most had either a plastic or a mesh panel in front. It was easier to see the cats who were in wire cages than the cat displays that had a plastic or mesh front.

Here are some general pictures of the room where the cat show was held.

Here are some pictures of the cats waiting in cages to be judged.

Cat behind wire

In the above picture, the Persian cat is wearing a paper Elizabethan collar to keep her from messing up her recently groomed coat.

As I walked down the aisles of lovely cats, I asked a few people if I could take pictures of their cats, and they were good enough to comply. The following is of a bengal (left) and a Maine Coon (right).

There were 4 tables in one corner of the room where the cat judging took place. Around each judging table, there were wire crates with numbers on top of them arranged on three sides. The judge would call on a loud speaker when he was ready to judge a certain cat. The owner of the cat would bring her cat and place him in the assigned cage, where the cat would wait for the judge to take him out to place on his table.

Each table had a very tall scratching post with a spot light on the top. Each judge had a toy that he or she could use to lure the cat to stretch out onto the scratching post so that he could view the cat better. After the judge was finished, he replaced the cat in his cage and wrote down his verdict, placing award ribbons onto the front of the cage.

There were two rows of seats in front of each judging area, but people also stood behind the seats to view and take pictures. Here are some pictures of cats being judged.

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