The hair on poodles attracts snow like velcro.  It forms little balls in their coat and between the pads of their feet.  Also, the single coat of a poodle does not give them much protection from the cold and snow.

So the first thing I do to protect my poodle from the snow and cold is to get him sweaters and coats. Here are a few coats that I got for Dakota.

There are also snow suits that protect the legs more, but I find them too hard to put on Dakota.  I keep a hand dryer and towels in the sun room where he comes into the house to melt snow balls in his coat and feet.  I clip the hair on his legs somewhat short in the winter to also make it easier to get snow balls out of the hair.

If I walk Dakota on the sidewalks or it is extremely cold outside, I will put some paw wax on his pads.  I have tried doggie booties before and had limited success.  They often fall off the dog’s feet or the dogs lose traction wearing boots on our slippery frozen deck.