I had a miniature poodle when I was young and I loved that dog.  But years later when we bought our first house, we decided adopting  a dog from the local Humane Society was the best option for us.  The dog was a lab/beagle mix who totally bonded with my husband.  So we went looking for a second dog, and that is when we got Merlin, our first miniature poodle. We were glad that we chose a poodle because it turned out my husband had a mild allergy to dogs, and it was easier for us to have a dog if it did not shed.

Merlin was so very playful and fun to be around.  When I was ignoring him and working on the computer, he would lay on the floor near me and take one paw and bat a ball across the floor to my feet to entice me to throw it back to him.  A very subtle request for play.  Other times when we were playing, he would put one paw on the ball and look at me as if to say, “It is mine.  Care to see if you can take it?”

After Merlin died young because of health issues, we switched to Portuguese Water Dogs, which are another non-shedding dog, about the size of a Standard Poodle.

Years later I wanted a smaller dog than a PWD, and lucky for me, poodles come in three sizes:  Toys (up to 10″ at the shoulder), Miniatures (10″ to 15″ at the shoulder), and Standards (over 15″ at the shoulder).

Since I had had two miniatures already, I knew this was the right size for me.  I looked carefully at miniature poodle breeders and found one that bred very healthy poodles.  So Dakota came home to us in March of 2015.  He is even more playful than Merlin was, which I did not think was possible.  He is smart and sweet and considers himself to be a mighty hunter of all things that squeak. He is also faster than any other dog we have and can run circles around all of us.

So my passion for poodles started when I was young and never went away even if we had other breeds of dogs.